Sherri Jones, Esquire/Broker founded Global Equity Management & Realty Services "GEM Realty" with the philosophy that "service is our most important product."
GEM Realty offers the advantages of providing personalized real estate services in a casual and friendly environment. Here at GEM Realty you’ll find that we are reliable and knowledgeable. We interact with clients as we use technology to find homes quicker and sell them faster. At GEM Realty we strive to meet our consumers and potential clients down every avenue they might explore.
Whether your renting a primary residence or looking for a vacation getaway, we can offer great assistance to your dream home. There’s more to buying a house than just price. We negotiate on price, but also on important contingencies that protect you and your money. We strive in providing an integrated home buying and/or selling experience for our clients.
Buying a home is just the beginning of your home ownership experience. Do you realize when you purchase or sell a home it is a legal transaction? The Maryland Real Estate Commission states that a real estate agent is only qualified to advise on real estate matters and is prohibited from interpreting the legal effect of the standard sales contract. With this real estate contractual transaction, you deserve the highest level of competence and training on your side and at GEM Realty, the Owner/Broker is a licensed Attorney in Maryland, District of Columbia and New Jersey. The knowledge and experience that a qualified Attorney/Broker can bring to the negotiation and interpretation of your sales contract, and the legal meaning behind the standardized contracts can be an invaluable asset to you and your family -- and can save you literally thousands upon thousands of dollars at the settlement table.
We can help you find your dream home.  We are ready to offer guidance whenever you need us, and help you along the happy path  to home  ownership.  No matter where you are in the process, we are happy to help with questions about the market, neighborhoods or anything else you'd like to know.  You have to look no further than GEM Realty because our goal is to bring you the total homeownership experience.
We know your first time can be overwhelming. We’re here to help make it as stress free as possible, by guiding you through the process. It’s nice to have someone on your team that’s been there before. No question is a stupid question, so feel free to get in touch today! We don’t bite, we promise.